SoloRack v1.1 released



SoloRack Version v1.1 has been released including 7 new modules. Some of them are included in the “System B”.

New in this update:
– Added S321 FM/PM VCO (Included in System B)
– Added S206 Pole Separation LP VCF
– Added S224 Allpass Diffusion Filter
– Added S914 Tunable Quantizer
– Added S116 VC Cross Fader
– Added S709 Manual Trigger/Gate (Included in System B)
– Added SA06 MIDI To DAW. Usefull for future MIDI modules. (Included in System B)
– Fixed another nasty automation bug!

SoloRack v1.0 Released

I’m happy to announce that SoloRack v1.0 has been released including 6 new modules and more features. All the new modules are included in System B. Please download and install this latest version. As the old beta will expire after some time.

Here is the list of new features and updates:

– New Module S223 Dual Tap Comb Filter
– New Module S616 Stereo Reverb
– New Module S911 Binary Tools
– New Module S913 Pitch Transpose
– New Module S921 Quad Mixing Prolarizer
– New Module SE01 Sample Delay
– Ability to have more than 2 rows viewable on screen. Using the (viewable_rows) option in config.ini. Please read the (viewable_rows) section in the “ReadMe.txt” file for details on how to enable this.
– Advanced oversampling features. This is meant for advanced users. Read (advanced_oversampling) in the ReadMe.txt file.
– Added “Info…” menu item when right clicking on module. This will browse to the module description.
– Activation bug in some systems fixed.
– Automation bug in Studio One fixed.
– Bug fixes in delay lines that cause clips and clicks in rare occasions.
– CPU Performance improvements in some module(s).
– 60+ new presets

SoloRack Beta 2 Released

The new SoloRack beta 2 including two new utility modules has been released. Download link Here

Here is the list of new features and updates in beta 2:

– New module, S705 Gate Length Processor
– New module, S704 Dual Gate to Trigger Converter
– Added “Tame + 1st” mode to the switch in S602 VC Delay. This will force the first reflection to always occur no matter what feedback you use.

– The sample and hold section in S516 can now be triggered by the internal random gate generator when there is no clock connected.
– Improved GUI performance.
– Added sluggish GUI workarrounds. “LEDs always ON” option and “CPU lite cables” option.
– Changed default location of data folder to “My Documets\SoloRack”
– Added Custom data folder feature using paths.ini file
– Fixed high CPU and high resonations while oversampling in S212 VCF.
– Fxied high CPU in S205 LPG
– Fixed bug in S500 ADSR working in exponential instead of liniear curve
– Less frequent demo mode noises.
– Added installer

Triple State Quicksort

It’s been 4 years of silence!! So I better have some thing to say right?. You bet. Acctually this should have posted a year ago, but I’m so lazy. I’ve been researching almost silently in the area of sorting algorithms. I have come up with a modification to the very popular Quicksort algorithm, which I call “Triple State Quicksort”. The new algorithm reduces the number of swaps to about two thirds (2/3) of classical Quicksort. A multitude of other improvements are implemented. Test results against the std::sort() function shows an average of 43% improvement in speed throughout various input array types. It does this by trading space for performance at the price of n/2 temporary extra spaces. The extra space is allocated automatically and efficiently in a way that reduces memory fragmentation and optimizes performance.

Details are in my paper, in Cornell University Library here:
Or you can check also my post a Microsoft forums here
You can also find the full working code of the algorithm here:

Again this a bit old news now. Currently I’m working on something totally different. I’m into DSP, something will come out soon!!

Ahh, at last some time and motive to blog some thing here. It’s been more than a year since my last post. Allot of things happened. One thing, is that I became lately interested in sound design and music. Infact, I’m so interested now that I’ve built my own home studio at home!!. And No, I did not quit on research, or networking. Just having some fun :). So Here is a clip of what I was playing:

DiskSims 1.2

DiskSims 1.2 Beta released. New features include:
– SLOOK algorithm. Described in our paper: “S-LOOK: A Preemptive Disk Scheduling Algorithm for Offline and Online Environments”
– Ability to get the Average, Minimum and Maximum of multiple similation results (when using range parameters) and plot them in one chart.
– Ability to calculate Maximum waiting times.
– Variaus enhancements of Manual Request Entry, Including support for LBA (Logical Block Addressing) and easy to use time delays (t option).
– Saving custom disk types in Disk Propeties.
– Number of hard disc heads is included now with the simulation parameters.
– Many other changes and bug fixes

CSIT 2009

csit2009_buttonWell this is a little too late, but finally having time to log it. I’ve been in Ukraine two months ago attending the CSIT2009 (Computer Science and Information Technologies 2009) conference. I Presented my new paper describing “SLOOK” a new disk scheduling algorithm. Working with Dr. Hanady Abdulsalam and Dr. Ayed Salman. I’ve also implemented SLOOK into Disksims, so I might release a new version soon. The algorithm proved to be effective in minimizing disk head seek time. Full paper here. It’s a nice country by the way!!

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