Hegons beta v0.4

A HEterogeneous Grooming Optical Network Simulator. Supporting mixed routing & wavelength assignment algorithms and optional wavelength conversions capability on each node. Hegons is open source and free for academic and non-commercial use. Commercial users need a separate licence. However, commercial users may use the simulator for a period of 40 days for the purpose of evaluation.

Windows Release

The project has been built in VC++. However, you can still compile it in any other IDE with few changes.

Dowlonad Hegons v0.4

Linux Release

Two packages are available for Linux platform. The first one contains all the source code and binaries. Please read the ReadMe.txt file to compile it correctly.

Download Linux Hegons v0.4

Basically, you only need the first package to run everything. However, If you happen to use Eclipse IDE. Then the second package is a ready made project for Eclipse.

Download Linux Hegons v0.4 For Eclipse

Unix users

I did not try the simulator on Unix yet. However, the Linux release should be OK for Unix. The code does not have strong dependencies. All the libraries used are generally standard in any gcc compiler.