Exhibition at KU

Last Wednesday, DiskSims has been presented in an exhibition for graduate students projects held in Kuwait University. A number of different projects from different colleges have been presented too. The picture shows me (at the left) presenting DiskSims and our new algorithms to the minister of information Mr. Anas Al-rishaid (the man holding the paper).

I had little time to prepare for the event. I just finished the poster on Tuesday. And at Wednesday morning I came in a rush to my table at the exhibition to find that all other presenters had DATA SHOWS (Projecters) while I didn’t. I was never told I should. How careless am I. I called every one I new who could help, but no gain. Then the minister came and he was passing on the tables one by one. Man that was embarrassing. I was nervous. But thank god, a person I new there told me about an unused data show there. I was like pfeww… :). I rushed to connect it to my laptop before the minister approaches me. Since that moment every thing went so fine.

Allot of the people who passed by stopped and took a look. Some were asking questions. Some took our brochure. Overall, it was nice. The event was broadcast on national TV at night. Unfortunately……. errrrr or fortunately, I didn’t appear.