SoloRack v1.0 Released

I’m happy to announce that SoloRack v1.0 has been released including 6 new modules and more features. All the new modules are included in System B. Please download and install this latest version. As the old beta will expire after some time.

Here is the list of new features and updates:

– New Module S223 Dual Tap Comb Filter
– New Module S616 Stereo Reverb
– New Module S911 Binary Tools
– New Module S913 Pitch Transpose
– New Module S921 Quad Mixing Prolarizer
– New Module SE01 Sample Delay
– Ability to have more than 2 rows viewable on screen. Using the (viewable_rows) option in config.ini. Please read the (viewable_rows) section in the “ReadMe.txt” file for details on how to enable this.
– Advanced oversampling features. This is meant for advanced users. Read (advanced_oversampling) in the ReadMe.txt file.
– Added “Info…” menu item when right clicking on module. This will browse to the module description.
– Activation bug in some systems fixed.
– Automation bug in Studio One fixed.
– Bug fixes in delay lines that cause clips and clicks in rare occasions.
– CPU Performance improvements in some module(s).
– 60+ new presets