Other Stuff

JUIE v2.0

JUIE Is a Java User Interface Editor. Draw your user interface with your mouse and JUIE will convert it to java code. It’s a tool that I have developed back in the late 90’s. Unfortunately did not have the time to upgrade it more. It’s been developed at the time of JDK 1.1.4. It still compiles and works on JDK 1.4.1 although many classes and methods were deprecated.

Download juie 2.0

Puz Game v1.0

This is a tiny little game that I have made a long time ago when I was first learning Win32 API programming in VC++. It’s just like an 8-puzzle game but with custom number of rows and columns. You can say it is an n*m-puzzle. The download includes the source code. I guess it’s a good practice for programmers beginning to learn Win32 programming.

Download Puz