SoloRack Beta 2 Released

The new SoloRack beta 2 including two new utility modules has been released. Download link Here

Here is the list of new features and updates in beta 2:

– New module, S705 Gate Length Processor
– New module, S704 Dual Gate to Trigger Converter
– Added “Tame + 1st” mode to the switch in S602 VC Delay. This will force the first reflection to always occur no matter what feedback you use.

– The sample and hold section in S516 can now be triggered by the internal random gate generator when there is no clock connected.
– Improved GUI performance.
– Added sluggish GUI workarrounds. “LEDs always ON” option and “CPU lite cables” option.
– Changed default location of data folder to “My Documets\SoloRack”
– Added Custom data folder feature using paths.ini file
– Fixed high CPU and high resonations while oversampling in S212 VCF.
– Fxied high CPU in S205 LPG
– Fixed bug in S500 ADSR working in exponential instead of liniear curve
– Less frequent demo mode noises.
– Added installer