Hegons v0.3

Hegons Beta version 0.3 released.

– New node type 4, “Multi-hop Partial Grooming” nodes. As far as I know, This makes Hegons the first simulator that explicitly supports these types of nodes. A Partial Grooming node has 2 cores connected to together, a W-fabric and a G-fabric. A W-fabric is an all optical core just like a non-grooming node. a G-fabric is a wavelength converting full grooming core. Both cores can receive incoming and outgoing calls. Optionally, the W-fabric can be wavelength converting.
– A partial grooming node can have MULTIPLE G-fabrics. This is a new concept that has never been discussed in the literature.
– The RWA method chosen will be applied internally in the nodes between W and G fabrics as well as externally. In other words, the cores are treated as normal nodes when doing RWA. This has been the case also when doing internal RWA for Single-hop grooming nodes. i.e. between the cores and the grooming ports.
– Added -px and -pn options for controlling max/min number of times G-fabric switchings are done per call.
– Few other minor fixes and changes.