S911 Binary Tools


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Binary tools are functions which take two inputs and give one output. The S911 provides six such functions, plus two inverters as complementary. The tools are:


Min: Minimum of X and Y


Max: Maximum of X and Y


Combine: Will chop and put the positive side of Y with parts of X to generate a new combined waveform.


Compare: Gives 1V when X > Y. And gives 0V otherwise.


X Clip Y: Clips X by the absolute value of Y. So when |X|>|Y| the output is either +|Y| or -|Y| depending on the sign of X. Otherwise, the output is X.


X / 4Y: As the name says. Note that the output here is approximate


Actually that last one was supposed to be X/Y. But dividing over 4 gives much more usable values that live between 0V to 1V. This also internally uses a method to avoid dividing by zero!!






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