S616 Stereo Reverb


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Product Description


The S616 is a true stereo reverb that can be used as either a 2 in, 2 out or as a 1 in, 2 out effect. The number of delay lines can be chosen from 4 up to 20 lines for a really crowded reverb. The Decay time can go from 0 up to infinity (Yes it can continue for ever!!). The Depth and Rate control the internal modulation which gives movement and helps dissolve metallic resonations (if that’s not desirable). Size Knob/CV specifies the size of the room which can also indirectly affect the decay time but in a different way because of longer reflections. Note that the CV for size does not have an attenuator so you might need to use an external one like the S904. A damping low pass filter (LP knob) is there to simulate the dampening of high frequencies that usually happens in real rooms or halls. A Stereo Knob/CV and a Mix is also provided.


Three different modes are provided using a switch. Diffuse mode dissolves most of the reverberation reflections very quickly. Ref (Reflections) mode allows some early reflections to occur while late reflections are diffused. Echo mode has no diffusion at all. So all reflections will keep occurring until the reverb is totally decayed.


Technical details

The number of lines chosen can highly affect the CPU usage in this module. Typically, 8 to 12 lines are enough to simulate real reverbs reasonably well. It’s best to try to limit the lines used as much as possible if CPU is an issue. Diffuse and Ref mode take about the same CPU with Ref taking just a bit more. Echo mode however is much lighter on the CPU. Echo is useful if you like to apply your own diffusion method after the reverb module.







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