Hegons v0.3 Beta

Hegons Beta version 0.4 released.

– Optionally, Converter nodes can now try the same chosen channel from the previous node before doing conversion. In other words, the converter node will first act as a non-converter node, if the channel fails only then it will do conversion. You can use this option simply by #defining TRY_PREV_CHANNEL directive in the code. The purpose of this feature is to try to reduce the blocking probability by trying to maintain the same wavelengths chosen along light paths. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always seam to do very well. However, In later versions I might introduce a conversions counter (so you can know how many conversions are being done) and converter limits. In real networks, converter nodes might have a limit on the number of conversions that can be done simultaneously. The new feature can help in reducing the number of simultaneous conversions that are being done.

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