Triple State Quicksort

It’s been 4 years of silence!! So I better have some thing to say right?. You bet. Acctually this should have posted a year ago, but I’m so lazy. I’ve been researching almost silently in the area of sorting algorithms. I have come up with a modification to the very popular Quicksort algorithm, which I call “Triple State Quicksort”. The new algorithm reduces the number of swaps to about two thirds (2/3) of classical Quicksort. A multitude of other improvements are implemented. Test results against the std::sort() function shows an average of 43% improvement in speed throughout various input array types. It does this by trading space for performance at the price of n/2 temporary extra spaces. The extra space is allocated automatically and efficiently in a way that reduces memory fragmentation and optimizes performance.

Details are in my paper, in Cornell University Library here:
Or you can check also my post a Microsoft forums here
You can also find the full working code of the algorithm here:

Again this a bit old news now. Currently I’m working on something totally different. I’m into DSP, something will come out soon!!

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