S914 Tunable Quantizer


Product Description

A quantizer receives a voltage and snaps it to a nearby voltage that is part of a certain tuning scale*. The S914 design allows easy generation of arpeggio like sequences that are NOT always bound to the same sequence. The S914 allows any scale to be manually defined using 12 chromatic keys. The CV in is provided with an attenuater knob. This voltage is fed to the quantizer, the result is added to the Tune inĀ which is expected to be a 0.1V/Oct tunning voltage that may come from a sequencer or a MIDI to CV module, etc.


When a cable is connected to Trig In, the module will only quantize when a positive trigger comes in (i.e a rising voltage from low to high**). The Quantization happens only at the time of the rising edge. Trig Out will output a trigger when ever quantization happens to change the output. i.e. whenever the Note out voltage changes.


*The design here is a hybrid between a rounding and a truncating quantizer.

**Low CV is 0.15V and bellow. High CV is 0.25V and above.


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